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About US

 Family owned & operated business.  Shelbey March, a Jersey Girl, and husband, Michael March, Alabama Pride are the PUSH behind Kream Products.  Shelbey, a 20+ Master Cosmetologist, has always had a passion for hair and skin care.  Together we have 6 children and a fur baby! Our family has suffered from numerous skin conditions and allergies, such as eczema, dry skin, acne, and scaring from acne, large pores, you name it!  Store bought products, filled with chemicals and a high price tag,  didn’t do any justice.  Doctor’s office visits, well that didn’t cut it either!  The formulas and recipes that I have created for my products, are skillfully made with passion and love in every stir.  They have helped my family and have saved our skin.  I hope to promote an awareness and education to the community as to the beauty of what natural products can do. 

"Kream aims to create new and innovative bath and beauty products using all-natural ingredients that have been around for centuries.  Our base ingredients, shea butter, cocoa butter, and a special blend of natural oils, are the supreme trifecta of ultimate moisture for your skin.  Kream strives to educate the community on all of the benefits of using chemical-free products and to provide an alternative solution to taking care of your skin - regardless of skin type.  We strongly believe in the importance of treating yourself to a luxurious experience every day without breaking the bank.  Your skin is the largest organ of your body, so why not take extremely good care of it? Our mission is to heal and treat yourself with loving care while improving your overall well-being."

 ~Kream Product 

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